We Provide Pre-Qualified Solar Leads & Appointments

Never Miss an Opportunity Again with "Ava" Our AI Solar Assistant. We start with honest educational solar ads then call, text, and email your leads tirelessly to get you as many appointments as possible - fresh or aged leads.

Never miss an opportunity again

We use state of the art AI technology to call your leads to prequalify them for solar and book them on your calendar.

You're welcome to use our proven scripts or we can train it on yours.

Ability to do both outbound and inbound calls to schedule appointments for you 24/7.

More channels of communication = More appointments

Forget ordinary chatbots, our AI is context-aware and adapts to different stages of conversation, so it can work cold or fresh leads for you.

We even analyzing the roof with AI, so we can use that information to make the conversation more assumptive and seamless.

As you know, the fortune is in the follow up...

Our AI assistant will generate unique emails for as long as it takes to either book the lead or they unsubscribe.

These emails are tailored to your leads address, average bill, and estimated savings.

We factor in our years of selling solar personally in everything we do. We're obsessive about creating a great experience for the homeowner.

CRM to Manage it All

We've purposely built the AI Solar Assistant on top of a customized version of Go High Level so you can leverage the power of everything else included.

  • Pipelines

  • Websites

  • Funnels

  • Workflows

  • Social Media Planner

  • Google My Business

  • Calendar Integration

  • Local Phone Numbers

  • Unlimited Users

"I've already closed 4 deals in the first 2 weeks!" ~ Gabriel
"I sold 4 deals in the first 21 days making about $8,000!" ~ Taylor
"Ben is a pleasure to work with, and very generous with his advise, and assistance, not holding anything back. I am truly impressed by the care and dedication every single step of the way." ~ Kevin
"I'm getting lots of leads every day and made 3 sales already" ~ Tim
"My secret weapon" ~ Greg

Helping More People Go Solar Today

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